What is Boutique Photography?

When you think of Boutique, a few things may first come to mind. A Clothing Boutique store is typically our first thought. So how does it pertain to photography and why is Francelles Photography now Boutique?

Boutique Photography is all about the extraordinary experience and service!

With Boutique Photography, a lot of time is spent with our clients developing a relationship. We really get to know what your story is and how you want it portrayed in the portraits that will be beautifully displayed and ogled over in your home for the decades to come.

Before I started this way of service, I didn't have the time to really focus on my clients. We would chat a little via email on what session they wanted, meet at the designated location and time, do the session, and that was our only real interaction. Photographs would then be edited and sent to be downloaded. My job was done, my clients had their photos and we went on our way. This was such a big disservice to my clients and some may ask why? I provided my client with their photos. They loved the photos they received. What was I missing?

I was missing the service! When you eat, breath and live something, you become an expert. When you are offering a service to someone who is looking for your expertise, you want to understand them, hold their hand and provide them with all the tools they need to make decisions that will benefit them best. A lot of times we don't know what we want or need because we are not experts. The photography and printing industry is vast and can be confusing. From quality to size to type, there are so many things to think about. We find that a lot of times, we just order what we think will work well, from some place around the corner or online, only to find our photos look terrible and/or are the wrong size for our space.This leaves us feeling defeated and a lot a bit upset. Then there are those who simply save the photos to our computer, share a couple on social media. We move on with our lives because it can be daunting and a lot of times never get around to printing them.

Now imagine something happened to your computer or you lost the thumb drive that had all those amazing memories on it. How devastating would that be? That time is gone and we have no way of getting them back. Now imagen; and I pray none of us ever go through something like this but its reality and it happens, imagine there is a house fire. What are the first things in your mind; other than your family, that you would save? The family albums. These are priceless! Photos are one of the most vital assets to a family and this is why i am so passionate about offering my clients a boutique photography service. I am holding their hand, walking them through the processes from what to wear, measuring spaces in their home, recommending products, framing artwork and hanging it in their homes.

This fills my bucket. I am so elated to be their for my clients and to build those relationships. To offer them an exquisite experience in helping them create stunning photographs and high-quality heirloom artwork that they will love and cherish for the decades to come.

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