Style Vibe

One of the very first things we want to think about when planning for your session is the the style vibe you are envisioning for your photographs. Now if you haven't even thought that far, that's totally fine! A lot of times we think, "Hey, we need some updated photos," and don't think much else. A good way to find your vibe is by thinking about how these images will be displayed and what emotion you want to grab from these images.

Lets cover 3 of the style vibes I most recommend first and then discuss what type of clothing works best for that style.

Boho - Warm, Glowy, Romantic, and Tender . This vibe typically includes natural elements, neutral colors, layered, flowy and free with a more casual, collected feel. (My most favorite!)

Dressy Casual and Charming - Timeless, Versatile and Relaxed. This is one of the most traditional vibes seen with portrait sessions. Dress it up with a dress for her and slacks for him or dress it down with a nice pair of jeans and cardigan for her and jeans with a nice t-shirt for him.

Modern meets Retro - Colorful, Fun, and Inviting. This vibe gives us a pop! Bring bright and bold elements to your photos.

If your not sure what vibe would go best for you and your family, a good starting place is by look around your home and finding your style. We want your photos to reflect who you are in the most authentic way, all while being styled and cohesive. Thinking about how your photographs would look hanging on your walls. That is a great way to start in finding your vibe.

This segment leads us to our next question on Location. Location will play a large roll in creating the vibe you wish to portray in your photos.

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