Location, Location, Location!

The location you choose will set the tone of your photographs and will also contribute a lot to how you style your clothing.

To help in narrowing down from the vastly amazing locations Idaho has to offer us, we want to think about the style vibe you are envisioning for your photographs. We touched base on choosing a style vibe in our last post. You can start by choosing your vibe or you can start by choosing your location. These two things go hand in hand, after all you want to be cohesive with the surrounds and what you are wearing. Here I will break down style vibes and locations and how they mesh the best together.

Parks with foliage, trails, water - Casual Charming and Boho-chic

Open spaces, rolling hills, tall grasses, desert - Boho-chic and Casual Charming

Downtown atmosphere/Structural - Modern meets Retro and Casual Charming

Mountains/Rivers - Casual Charming and Boho-chic

Rocky cliffsides and landmarks - Casual Charming, Boho-chic and Modern meets Retro

Most locations and vibes are versatile, especially when it comes to color coordinating.

Remember that this is just a little guide to help you get an idea. When you book your session we will go over all the locations I recommend and how it will work with what your envisioning.


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