What to Expect

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We believe in offering a service tailored to each one of our client’s needs. We walk in hand with our clients throughout the entire process, creating an exquisite experience. We believe photographs should be beautifully displayed in a home and not just simply saved on a computer drive. Capturing milestones in life, big and small is one of the most vital assets to a family and photo printing brings those moments back into our lives. Photographs are tangible, easily accessible, and are shared when printed. They give children a sense of security and belonging when the photos are displayed throughout their own homes. Looking through my own family images from the many years past gives me a contented nostalgia. My goal is to achieve those feeling for you and your children as you look back in time.  




Everyone's story is unique and we want to uniquely capture that. During your experience with Francelles Photography, we focus on capturing the true essence of your family dynamic, your relationships, and the emotion that is happening in and around your life at that moment. 

We start with an in-person consultation. I want to get to know you and understand how I can capture your story in the most authentic way possible. We will discuss many aspects of your vision and how we can create that vision into heirloom artifacts to cherish and share for the decades to come. 

Once we have you scheduled for your session, you will have access to your own private personal client portal which will serve as the home base for all your photography services. Think of it as your own mini-website with me. Leading to your session we will be in touch on everything from what to wear to tips and tricks for a successful photo shoot. 

Day of your Shoot! Our sessions are not time restrained. I want you to feel comfortable and non pressured. I understand it can take some time to get comfortable in front of a camera and I also understand little ones have their own agendas. Your session will be laid back and most importantly, fun! After all, the experience is just as important as the final product. The session may take a quick thirty minutes and it may take an hour and a half, this is all okay! All that matters is we are making special memories and capturing them beautifully.

After we have captured all these beautiful images, I will get to work on perfecting and enhancing them. Skin retouching is included and anything that is temporary such as blemishes to bruises to wild hair strands will be retouched. Yes, I can make someone thinner or have more hair but this is not something I typically do. If that or something like that is a concern, we can definitely talk more about additional post-production edits. 

Once your amazing photographs are ready, we will set up an image premier and ordering appointment. This can take place in the studio, your home, over coffee, or via zoom. We offer the most amazing museum-grade, fine art prints available. We also pride ourselves on our stunning, professionally designed photo album books and fine material folio boxes. Our #1 goal is to create something that fits your home, your style and displays your images exquisitely.  All of your print products are 100% guaranteed in color accuracy and quality. Each product comes with its matching sharable digital file. 

Print Product orders can take bet4-8 weeks to be fulfilled and then sometimes things can move a little quicker with our labs. Matching Shareable Digital copies of each image purchased are available for download within 48 hours (gift prints excluded).  Rest assured, quality takes time and your artwork will be stunning. Your artwork will be hand-delivered to you by me personally and comes with complimentary installation if you so desire.