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Style Me

Take the guesswork out of your portrait session wardrobe!

I understand that coordinating and gathering your wardrobe can be one of the most time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing parts of a session. I wanted to give my clients the tools to easily navigate this area and to feel confident walking into their sessions. 


Think of this as a personal stylist, meets Pinterest, meets personal shopper all in one. Gone are the days of making several trips to retail stores or surfing the web for hours to find all your matching pieces.

You will have the ability to view customized items directly from retailers offering the exact items you're looking for or simply print up your customized list and hit those stores if that's your thing! 

Each client will receive a style code granting them access to this amazing online styling guide from Style & Select.

When you get your Styling Code, simply enter it here to begin. 

I Recommend doing this from a tablet or computer 

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