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Documenting life's greatest milestones 

Since 2016

These are your moments!

"You will look back at that precious little face, those tiny hands and feet, and all those cute little expressions.

These moments in time are going to be your most precious memories.

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there! I'm Katie, the photographer behind Francelles Photography, and also a mum to three amazing children.

 My children are far past being babies or toddlers.

We are working our way into the teens now.

(Is this for real? Someone pinch me please!) 


 People would tell me then that this too shall pass oh so very quickly but I never really felt like it was going that fast. There is no definite day when they are now no longer little. It's just one day you realize that that time is now gone. 

Knowing my children will never be that small again but also enjoying watching them grow into the little people they are becoming is simply bitter-sweet and is one of the reasons I am so passionate about what I do. 

Creative and beautiful photographs are important in telling your family's story. Something that documents you and them in that exact moment. The details that you wish you could relive over and over. That is what I strive to capture for you. 


Building a real relationship with my clients and them allowing me to follow their journey over the years is the most rewarding part of my job. Having children whom I have photographed since they were just in the womb to them running to me in excitement when we get to meet for their next session brings me so much joy and fulfillment. 

Photographer Katie Chavez

" Katie is wonderful. She has been watching our family grow over the last four years. We truly appreciate Katie...she is an amazing photographer!"

- Brandy B.

Your most treasured possessions!

We offer Beautiful Heirlooms that stand the test of time. For they are the most invaluable and sentimental items we could ever own. 

More than just Beautiful Photographs

My clients are new, growing, and busy families just like mine. We understand capturing these milestones in life is incredibly important and desire an experience tailored specially to us.

My goal with every client is to build a relationship. To be someone they can trust to follow their family's journey. To be someone to laugh, cry, and celebrate with. 

I walk in hand with my clients from planning and prepping for their sessions, to choosing and customizing their very own heirlooms. 

It's more than just beautiful photographs.

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Belly laughs, snuggles and tickles.

Documenting the true essence of your family



Sharing the anticipation and excitement that revolves around your growing belly and heart