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Client Portal Access

As an exclusive client, you have a private online portal, which will serve as the home base for you and me.

Think of it as your own mini-website with me. It’s where you have access to:

  • Your proofing gallery (or, if applicable, multiple galleries)

  • All your upcoming invoices

  • Your account statement (a summary of everything you’ve purchased)

  • Your session agreement

  • Upcoming (and answered) questionnaires

  • Your book design proofs (if/when you decide to go with a portrait book)

  • Any notes, links, or videos that I may need to share with you


You can also update your contact information here, so I have all your details up-to-date!

I try to keep everything photography-related organized and in one place for you.


You’ll also get automatic email reminders, so you don’t have to worry about remembering all those details!


To access your client portal please have your login and password which were emailed to you after booking your session.

( You can reset your password by following this link as well. )

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