How to prepare for your In-Home, Lifestyle Newborn Session

Let's cover a few things to get you ready for your In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Family of five sitting on their bed smiling during their newborn portraits session

Having your newborn session in the comfort of your own home can be very reasuring since you won't have to venture out with your newest little one and have all your necessities right at your fingertips. It's also a very special way to document this new and exciting time in your life. These are your real-life moments caught in time.

Now, on the other hand, you might be thinking, "I have to have my home picture perfect." Let's throw that idea right out the window, shall we? That's waaay too much pressure than any new Mom or Dad needs. Here's a little secret, it doesn't have to be perfect!

With this guide, you will get all the help you need in preparing your home and baby for your Newborn Session.


Let that natural light in!

My number one focus for your home will be the lighting. We want all that lovely natural light flooding in from the windows. We will be turning off all artificial lights in the areas of your home that we photograph in since they are not flattering. If your home doesn't have a lot of natural light, I will have a fill light with me to assist in this area. If your home is very dark, I recommend having your session in the studio but we will cover those things ahead of time.

Tidy Up

As I mentioned before, your home does NOT have to be perfect. The only area that we want to make sure is tidied up are the areas we know you would like to use during your session. These areas are typically in your nursery, bedroom on the bed, and an area next to a large window. If we won't be seeing your kitchen, have all them dang dishes in the sink from the night before, I really don't care! Honestly! Please do not stress over this. Just pick up around those areas and we will be good to go!

Wardrobe & color palette

My go-to color pallette is neutrals and earth tones. I particularly recommend neutrals for newborn sessions because it helps in not having any casted colors on your little one's face and really gives us that timeless and clean look to your photographs. I will have wraps and knit outfits for us to use for the baby but you are welcome to dress them in anything of your choosing, Mommas, if you are comfortable in wearing a nice relaxed dress for your session, that goes a long way in these photos. If not, I do have a client closet underway from which you can borrow a dress from if you so wish. When taking photos in the crib or on your bed, if you have solid white or neutral colored bedding, I recommend putting those on for your session for the same reasons listed before. Have a backup outfit if you can just in case we have an accidental blowout or some massive spit-up.


I recommend feeding and changing your baby right before I arrive. This way they are full and happy when we begin. If you are wanting to use any of the items I have as far as wraps and outfits, I recommend keeping them undressed (diaper only) and wrapped in a blanket so we don't have to disturb them too much with outfit changing. Keeping them awake for a little bit of time before their feeding is also a good idea to help them get nice and sleepy for our session.


It happens. Babies can become fussy for a number of reasons. If this happens during your session, please don't fret. I have done many sessions and have had a fussy baby a time or two. I have been called a "baby whisperer" by many of my past clients. Most of the time when a baby gets fussy I am able to soothe them with techniques I've learned over the years as a photographer and parent to 3 babies of my own. We will go with the flow of your baby. If they need another feeding or diaper change, we will do as needed to make them calm and relaxed again.

Those are the main areas to focus on when having your session in your home. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at any time! I look forward to documenting this special time with you!