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Tips on choosing a Color Palette

Getting your wardrobe color palette coordinated isn't that difficult if you follow these tips!

portraits session wardrobe mood board of neutrals and earth tones

It may seem daunting when starting the process of finding the right colors that look good on everyone and in the location you will be having your session at. Some even go as far as planning ahead for what colors will look best printed and hung in their homes to match their décor. I have some great tips that work in all situations. Yup, ALL!

Choosing a Color Palette for your Portraits Session

Neutrals and Earth Tones

Lean towards neutrals or earthy tones and avoid neon or overly bright or dark colored clothing. There are many shades of neutral colors to work with. Find a shade that will work best for you, your environment, and your skin tone. I guarantee this will work well as almost all of those colors complement each other.


I recommend trying to stay away from too much green. Green can cast an unwanted tone onto the skin and if you are in a location with a lot of greenery, you can get lost in the colors around you. My most popular opinion would be whites, creams, tans, pinks or blues when in an area that has a lot of green foliage.


Black is a nice option when you are in an area that is well light like on an open hillside or cream colored grasses. Having all people in black shirts is not so great as when we do snuggled up photos, you can lose definition and details making it a large black spot in the image rather than individual people. Shades of black and grey together can work well but be sure to have some other color add in there as well.


If you have looked through my portfolio you will see that I do love white! There are some mixed options on when it comes to photographers and white. Some like it while others do not. My option is white is great but not all white is the same. White can have a undertone to it and I find that off white tends to photograph the best on skin. Try to stay away from bright white that has a blue or magenta undertone.

Yellow & Orange

Yellow & orange can work well for some people, but not all. I myself look not so great in those two colors so I opt for shades of tan. If you do have either of these colors chosen for your wardrobe, I recommend having just one person in these as a dominate shades and others with slight variations or touches in their outfits to compliment.

Use the same color palette for everyone

Having the same color palette is key to a more flattering image. A different dominant color can be worn by each individual while staying within a similar color palette and always dress with the full length in mind. Include shoes and socks in your wardrobe consideration.

Choosing a color palette

It can be fairly easy to compliment one another when choosing the right color palette. Follow these recommendations and you will have a wardrobe that compliments one another and looks great in your portraits.

  • Stick with neutrals and earth tones

  • Stay away from too much green

  • Black is good with open light, not so much in shade

  • Off White is best

  • Yellow & Orange limited

  • Same color palette for everyone



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