Wardrobe tips for your portraits session

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and happy with yourself and your photos.

This brief guide will go over a few basic tips that will help give you a good starting point for choosing your attire. Take from it the things that will benefit you and your shoot, and throw out the rest.

  • Color Palette - Start with choosing a color palette. Keep in mind your surrounding in which you will be taking your photos. We want the area around you to complement what you are wearing. No matching outfits please and try to stay away from too much white. Off white tends to photograph better. Another color tip is to stay away from neon colors. Neons ten to color cast on to your skin creating unflattering tones. If you're unsure how to choose a palette, see our related blog post about color palettes.

  • Texture - Textured clothing is an easy way to add visual interest and soul into your photos. Fabrics such as cable knit, wool, herringbone, lace, faux fur, tweed and chambray are all great at adding some jazz, spice and life into your images.

  • Accessories - Add a finishing touch to your outfit and a pop of life into your photos. Not everything in your attire needs to be so vanilla. Fedora hats, bowties, suspenders, flower headbands, chunky scarves, beautiful flowing dresses and skirts—these create visual interest and movement in your photos, and really help the images stand apart. --Incorporating a pair of fun shoes that match the rest of your outfit is a great and simple way to bring some character and personality into the shot. Even the smallest details really make the outfit feel complete: a dazzling pair of earrings, eye-catching necklace, gorgeous bracelet / cuff, fancy watch or a chic belt. Be sure that the accessories you choose don’t compete with one another. Keep your look fun, but tame.

  • Props - A blanket or even a bouquet of flowers can add a lot of personality and character into your images. Bring something that makes you feel good or something that has meaning. Stay away from anything that is cheesy or too crafty--make it real! I usually bring a long a crate for little ones to sit on with outdoor sessions.

  • Comfort - Be prepared to move. I recommend having clothing that is not too tight or short. We will be moving, sitting and bending at times and want to make sure your able to do so with comfort. It is super okay to dress up, but try not to dress up as someone you are typically not. If you normally wear jeans and a shirt, just enhance that look by adding layers or a hat. I would rather see you being loose, having fun & displaying a ton of emotion in your images, as opposed to standing stiffly in uncomfortable clothes. Also keep the weather in mind. Dress appropriately to the temperatures.

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