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Style Guide for your Portrait Session

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and happy with yourself and your photos.

collage of neutral wardrobe items

This brief guide will go over a few basic tips that will help give you a good starting point for choosing your attire. You can also check out my inspiration pins on Pinterest for more ideas.

Wardrobe tips for your portraits session


Start with one person's outfit and build from it...

It makes it much easier that way and less overwhelming. I personally like to start with the ladies and work my way to the gentlemen.


Get that nice dress that makes you feel amazing! We aren't talking formal. Dressing up a little more than you might do on a typical day is important. A pair of light colored jeans and a nice light top is okay but if you really want to up your photos, dresses are the key! Remember that I have a client closet you are always welcome to borrow a dress from.


The same goes for you. Dressing up a little more elevates your photos. Cords or Khakis with a nice shirt go a long way. Layering adds interest as well. Solid colors are great.


Dress them up too! The number of adorable outfits you can find on Etsy these days! Suspenders and little girl dresses! Adorable, am I right? Knits and soft cotton pieces are amazing on little ones.


Solid colors work best for babies. Knits and cotton pieces and those little accessories like bonnets, headbands, or knee-high socks are super adorable. If weather permits, let those toes and little rolls show!

Color Palette

Neutrals and Earth tones are the best and most flattering color palettes for almost all locations and skin tones. More on Color palette can be found in a related blog post. Be sure to check it out!

NO, NO's

Matching outfits. We want your outfits to complement each other but not match. Try to stay away from too much white. Off-white tends to photograph better. Neon's! Neon's tend to color cast onto your skin creating unflattering tones. Letters / Large Logos on shirts. Crazy Patterns/Stripes and Striped Flannel... Whaaat? Yup, I said it. I am not a fan of how striped flannels photography. Men and baseball caps. I understand some gentlemen may feel more comfortable in a cap but when it comes to doing your professional portraits, I say let's not have those in the photos. If you must have a hat, opt for one that will compliment your outfit, please!


Textured clothing is an easy way to add visual interest and soul to your photos. Fabrics such as cable knit, wool, herringbone, lace, faux fur, tweed, and chambray are all great at adding some spice and life into your images.


Add a finishing touch to your outfit- Hats, bowties, suspenders, shawls, headbands, beautiful flowing dresses, and skirts—these create visual interest and movement in your photos and really help the images stand apart. -Incorporating a pair of fun shoes that match the rest of your outfit is a great and simple way to bring some character and personality into the shot. Even the smallest details really make the outfit feel complete: a dazzling pair of earrings, necklace, gorgeous bracelet/cuff, fancy watch, or a chic belt. Be sure that the accessories you choose don’t compete with one another. Keep your look fun, but tame.


Be prepared to move. I recommend having clothing that is not too tight or short. We will be moving, sitting, and bending at times and want to make sure you are able to do so with comfort. I would rather see you being loose, having fun & displaying a ton of emotion in your images, as opposed to standing stiffly in uncomfortable clothes.

Wardrobe tips

These simple wardrobe tips are a great way to make sure you feel confident at your next portrait session. Remember:

  • Choose a color palette, I recommend sticking to neutrals and light earth tones.

  • Pick one person's outfit first, preferably the one that will hold the most colors and textures first.

  • Make sure to stay away from the NO, NOs

  • Accessories

  • Be Comfortable!


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