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Location Recommendations for your next session

This is a list my most favorite locations in the Boise and surrounding area.

child walking in a wild flower field during a portraits session in Boise, Idaho

Being an Idaho Native and in the photography industry for many years, I have had the luxury of discovering some of the most lovely locations that I think are best when it comes to outdoor portraits. Below you will find details of each locations with example photos.

Locations Recommendations

The Military Reserve in Boise - A Fan Favorite!

Where are my Boho lovers at? This location is stunning and offers so many different looks through out the year with having natural Idaho foliage. In the spring it is lush with green grasses and wild sunflowers blooming. There is a section with lots of trees to offer a canopy of foliage when you first walk into the park. In the summer and fall the grasses turn a golden yellow and are beautiful to photograph in. We have trails leading us under the canopy of trees as well as through the hill sides. Up for a slight hike? We can go to the top of for an amazing view and one side with all of Boise in the distance.

Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise - Most Popular Year Round!

This park as had a major upgrade over the last few years and one thing I absolutely love is that they are now letting natural grasses to grow that include beautiful wildflowers galore! Not only does it offer these amazing little flowers but we have lots of different types of trees and shrubbery surround the area. The colors you get in the fall time here are seriously out of a magazine! In Winter we have some lovely birch and evergreens to use too!

River Side in Eagle - Two sides of the river with different looks

Wanting some water in your photos? This is your spot! We have two options when it comes to this location. One side of the highway we have sandy shores

with large trees, tall grasses and the flowing river seated right beside it. I love this location for extend family sessions as it has large fallen logs to sit on. The other side offers us a shore of large white rocks. There are some areas of tress and shrubs as well, just not nearly as much as the other side. In the spring this location dose flood as the water rises in the river. I usually take a break from this locations between April and May until the water drops making it accessible again.

Downtown Boise - Classic and Retro, works year round

Looking for an Urban vibe for your photos? Downtown Boise has lots of options when it comes to this look. We can park a top of a parking garage at sunset to get some awesome shots overlooking the city. We have the walkways along the shops that offer us vintage style brick and wood work. I have a few little special places I like to stop along the way that offer fun graffiti or staircases as well.

Blossom Tress, Marsing Idaho - Available during the Spring

Travel fee applies - $50 - 30 miles from Boise

Lovely fruit tree bless us with blossoms in pink and white. It's a special treat getting to do these when they are available just a short amount of time. We usually have nice blossoms between mid April to Mid May depending on how warm the weather has been.

Apple Orchards, Emmett Idaho - Perfect during Fall time

Travel fee applies-$50 - 38 Miles from Boise

Apple picking and taking photos! This amazing location is so fun for the whole family. The owners of this orchard are just lovely and we can find just about every type of apple tree you can think of. The apples are best from late August to Early October. Don't miss out on their amazing apple cider while you are there!

Eagle Island, Eagle Idaho - Hometown Farm Vibes

$5 entrance fee or Idaho parks pass

This large park has a special area that offers us an old white barn to photograph with as well as old wood fences and lots of beautiful open space of tall grasses. Great Year round!

Bruneau Sand Dunes, Bruneau Idaho - Like you're in another world

Travel fee applies - $100 - 67 Miles from Boise

Sand Dunes, in Idaho? Yes! How amazing is that? This location is really special as its like stepping into a whole new world. The sand dunes are very romantic in my eyes. It a little bit of work to walk to the top and sand WILL be everywhere. I would not recommend this location for very young children. Its HOT here in the summer, so I try and plan doing this location during summer times in the morning instead of the usual evenings.

Swan Falls Dam, Murphy Idaho - Those Views Though!

Travel fee applies - $50 - 36 miles from Boise

Like something out of a movie! Tucked way back in the desert just passed Kuna, Idaho you will find a massive canyon made of lava rock with Idaho natural foliage of tallgrasses, sagebrush and wild flowers on occasion. Down in the canyon we have the river with dock access and massive boulders to climb a top. The old power house is now a museum open to the public from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each Saturday from April 15 to Labor Day.

Jump Creek Falls, Marsing Idaho - Waterfall! Need I say more?

Travel fee applies - $75 - 43 miles from Boise

Waterfall! I mean, what else can I say? This location is also tucked way back in Marsing Idaho. Its about a 1/3 mile walk to the falls themselves which offers us to stop and take some lovely photos along the rocky trail side in the water birch and dogwood trees. Plan to get wet! There is a pool below the falls that is so fun to play in so bring a change of clothes with you. In the summer time this is a popular location for locals so I some times try to refrain going when its really hot out. Too many photo bombers.

Reid Merrill Park, Eagle Idaho - Water, trails, trees

This Park is located in heart of Eagle near the Greenbelt. An adorable brown bridge greats you at the entrance of the greenbelt with mature trees cascading around. The landscape offers great natural foliage. A stroll down the greenbelt and over the river is a large red bridge leading to dirt pathways hugged by mature trees. We can walk down next to the river and even sink our toes in for some lovely shots in the water.

Shafer Butte- Near Bogus Basin

Travel fee applies - $75 - 23 miles from Boise

Located atop the scenic Boise Ridge Mountains, near Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, at an elevation of 7,000 feet. It takes approximately 45 to an hour to reach from the bottom of bogus basin rd. to the top of Shafer Butte. The drive is a little winding but so worth the trek. Once above the hill top we will find a lush Idaho forest of pine and birch trees with mountain views.

More Photos coming soon

The Boise Train Depot

The Boise Train Depot is a very popular place for all types of portraits and events. Not only is the outside garden magnificent, but the Spanish style building is rather beautiful inside and out. There is a pond with waterfalls, rock formations, benches, and the famous City View. The building is open to the public on Sundays and Mondays from l lam-5pm and is free to enter.

Wilsons Creek Park - Nampa, Idaho

Located north in Nampa, Wilsons creek has trails and an access point to the Wilson creek pathway. You will find tall grasses and a grove of dusty green, olive like trees. It makes a lovely canopy to frame your photos.


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