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Studio Christmas Mini Session Prep Guide

A guide on preparing for your Christmas mini-session in the studio.

We will cover wardrobe, accessories, and tips to achieve the very best Christmas photos!

Let's chat about Wardrobe first

This year's theme for our Christmas Mini Sessions is Winter Wonderland. Bright and Timeless is our goal. Choosing the appropriate outfit among a few other things will be a big factor in achieving a stunning and harmonious look in your photos.

Color Palette: Opt for neutral colors such as whites, creams, grays, and soft browns. These tones will complement the white Christmas theme without overpowering it. Ensure that all individuals being photographed are dressed in complementary neutral tones. This will create a cohesive and harmonious feel to the overall look.

Texture Variety: Incorporate different textures in clothing to add depth to the photos. Consider knits, faux fur, or velvet for a touch of luxury.

Layers and Accessories: Utilize layers to add interest, such as a stylish jacket or a well-chosen scarf. Accessories like simple jewelry or a classic watch can enhance the overall look without distracting from the neutral theme.

Hairstyles: Choose classic and timeless hairstyles that complement the neutral color palette. Soft waves, a sleek updo, or a classic bun can work well.

Makeup: Opt for neutral and subtle makeup tones. Soft browns, muted pinks, and natural hues will enhance features without taking attention away from the neutral color scheme.

Nail Care: Neat and neutral nail colors, such as soft nudes or pale pinks, will complement the overall aesthetic without being too bold.

Avoid Busy Patterns: Steer clear of busy patterns or bold prints that might clash with the neutral theme. Solid colors or subtle patterns (like stripes or small checks) work best.

Shoes Matter: Shoes can be an essential part of the overall look. Consider neutral-toned footwear that matches the theme and doesn't draw too much attention. We can also go without shoes and show the little piggies instead. If wearing socks make sure they are white.

Express Yourself: While working with neutrals, don't be afraid to express your individual style and personality. Neutral doesn't mean boring; it can be sophisticated and stylish.

Tips for Shoot Day!

Come comfortable and relaxed: The key to great photos is feeling comfortable and confident. Relax, enjoy the session, and let your natural smiles and interactions shine through. We will be snuggling, tickling, and playing to achieve those natural beautiful photos we all love!

Give yourself extra time to get ready:

Allow yourself extra time to perfect your wardrobe, style yourself, and travel to the studio. Mini sessions run back to back and we want to make sure you arrive on time! Any amount of time late to your session directly cuts into your shoot time.

By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and harmonious look for your white Christmas studio session.


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